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Increase your group business with the new EZ Groups program from MSC Cruises! As part of our ongoing MSC Serving You initiatives, we have listened to your feedback and created a new & improved program for affinity & promotional groups that allows you to create customizable, enjoyable and valuable experiences for your group clients. EZ Groups is now available and applies to all new groups on Caribbean & European sailings starting from the April 2017 sailings – including our two new builds debuting next year, MSC Meraviglia & MSC Seaside! And requesting group space with MSC Book has never been easier!






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Effective October 3, 2016 (Updated October 12, 2016)

Standard Groups:

Standard groups are defined as promotional or affinity groups that are a minimum of 8 cabins and a maximum of 100 cabins (for non-Caribbean sailings the maximum group size is 50 cabins). For groups greater than 100 cabins, our large group/incentive policy will apply.

Promotional groups are defined as blocks of cabins held in abeyance for the purposes of speculative selling in the general market with amenities and/or rates more favorable than the prevailing retail rates.
Affinity groups are promoted around a shared interest or common goal, to which individuals are formally or informally affiliated.

Group Pricing:

Group pricing will be offered for all standard groups. All Rates quoted are per person, based on double occupancy. Single, third & fourth person rates are subject to availability at the time of request. A minimum of five (5) cabins must be sold by the time of final payment for the group rate to apply. For groups of less than five (5) cabins, MSC reserves the right to charge the prevailing individual guest rate.

All group pricing is in US Dollars and valid for U.S. and Canadian residents only.

MSC Cruises reserves the right to pass on any fuel surcharge without prior notice to guests.

If standard group rates are reduced, existing groups will be converted to these lower rates.

If the overall FIT standard pricing is reduced (excluding promotional rates*, travel agent rates, interline rates and military/civil service rates) prior to final payment, then the group rates will be adjusted accordingly.

*Contracted group rates (including all value items) that are higher than select FIT promotional rates will be adjusted via upgrades and/or additional Master Advantage Points to be on par with the FIT promotion.

Multiple Group Contracts:

Agencies with no or very little group materialization in the previous year can block up to 4 promotional groups per quarter.

Agencies with established promotional groups in previous year can block the same amount of promotional groups plus up to 4 additional groups per quarter Limited to one promotional group per departure..

Agencies with no previous history with MSC Cruises will be treated on a case by case basis.

Individual reservations to group transfers:

FIT bookings may be transferred into an existing group at the contracted group rates only while the promotional group rate is available. Once the promotional group rate is no longer available, FIT bookings with higher rates may be transferred into an existing group maintaining the FIT rates. In both cases group amenities will be applied.

Group must have available unsold inventory in category of FIT booking to be moved.

FIT to group transfers may not be applicable to sailings in revenue optimization as defined by voyage status list at time of request.

Transferring FIT bookings will be only allowed if the total number of transferred FIT bookings brings the group to at least the minimum group size.

Amenities associated with the FIT Booking are not transferable.

Group Commission:

Group commission defaults to an agents established commission level. No commission is paid on NCF and GFT.

Pre-Post hotel, transfers, motor coach transportation, prepaid beverage packages and spa packages are commissionable at 5%.

Prepaid shore excursions are commissionable at 10%

Tour Conductors:

Standard policy of 1 complimentary cruise only fare for every 15 full fare guests, up to a maximum of 6 guests - excluding 3rd & 4th occupants. All tour conductor berths pay NCF and GFT.

Value of the tour conductor fare is based on the average gross cruise only fare paid on the fifteen full fares. Non-commissionable fare, government taxes and fees are extra and are not calculated into the value of the tour conductor. Tour conductors are assigned from within allotment space.

FIT bookings may be counted towards group tour conductors and cannot exceed the total number of group bookings.

Excluded are FIT bookings that include travel agent rate, interline & military/civil service rates.

The combination of group bookings and FIT bookings to determine total number of tour conductor berths earned cannot exceed the contracted group allotment size.

Master Advantage Amenity Program:

List is published periodically with assigned Master Advantage points and can be used to negotiate extra amenities for the group. Amenity choices include reduced tour conductor requirements, upfront cabins, cocktail parties, cabin gifts, shipboard credit, cabin discounts, bonus commission, extension of due date for good faith deposit. Full list of amenities are available upon request.

Master Advantage points are subject to change but will be locked in at time of blocking group space and choice of amenities must be determined at time of group set up. A onetime adjustment can be made no later than 90 days prior to sailing date.

Master Advantage points have no monetary value and are non-transferrable to other groups.

Consumer amenities selected through the Master Advantage points will be protected down to booking one.

Exception: Any cocktail party that does not have a minimum of 16 guests will have the cocktail party replaced with an onboard service item of equal value (item to be assigned at the discretion of MSC Cruises).

A minimum of (5) five revenue cabins must be sold for any travel partner amenities selected through the Master Advantage points to apply , Complimentary tour conductor. berths do not count towards this minimum.


Deposit / Payment Schedule:

To open a group

For groups of up to 16 cabins, the initial good faith deposit will be waived.

For groups of 17 – 50 cabins, an initial good faith deposit of $50 per person ($100 per cabin) is required 30 days after group set up. For Caribbean departures from North America can go up to 100 cabins with an initial good faith deposit of $25 per person ($50 per cabin) required 30 days after group set up
To confirm a group booking
An additional deposit of $200 per guest / $400 per cabin along with guest names is required for specific cabin assignment on cruises less than 15 nights. Cruises 15 nights or longer the deposit is $300 per guest / $600 per cabin.

Final payment for all space is due 60 days prior to sailing.


Allotment Reviews:

MSC Cruises will periodically review your sales against allotment space. At four months prior to sail date all or part of unsold inventory will be automatically released. On Caribbean departures from North America all unsold inventory will be automatically released 75 days prior.

MSC Cruises reserves the right to retake unsold allotment space at any time with advanced notice.

Sold allotment space is defined as cabins for which MSC Cruises has received the required names and deposits.

Group rates are guaranteed for your allotment space until it is retaken. Additional space requested may be granted at the group rates in your agreement if departure date is not in revenue optimization as per voyage status report at time of request.

Cancellation Fees:

All cancellations must be received in writing and receipt acknowledged by MSC Cruises.

MSC Cruises cancellation policy is reflected in the following grid for all sailings departing April 1, 2017 and beyond:

89 days - 61 days Deposit Non-Refundable 109 days - 61days Deposit Non-Refundable
60 days to 46 days 50% Penalty 60 days to 46 days 50% Penalty
45 days - 16 days 75% Penalty 45 days - 31 days 75% Penalty
15 days until departure 100% Penalty 30 days until departure 100% Penalty

No refund will be permitted if a guest terminates his/her cruise after embarkation or while the cruise is in progress. Cruise contracts are non - transferable. Name changes and cruise date changes are considered reservation cancellations and are subject to the above cancellation fees.

Cancellation charges are assessed on the total fares, which include cruise fare, air-add-on, hotel packages, and any other additional service arranged through MSC Cruises.

Name changes are considered cancellations and are subject to penalty fees.
1.Name changes made between 89 and 16 days will be penalized $50
2.Name changes made between 15 and 0 days will be penalized $100
3.Only one name change is permitted per cabin, should both guests need to be changed, this will be considered a cancellation as per the cancellation terms and conditions.

for more information contact MSC Cruises at:
1.800.666.9333 | or request a call